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Friday, July 30


As if the cheese cake and tiramisu are not cheesy enough, we made some brownies with creamcheese topping too. :) They are marvelous!

Brownies with creamcheese topping.

BLueBeRRy ChEEse cAkE

I owe this to my darling hubby, finally got this done.

Thursday, July 29

SayItWithCuppies pun ada....

Tak sangka, ada juga org suka-suka tolong org kat dunia cyber ni.. tak pernah jumpa, tp mesra... tak kenal, tp x berkira pun. Ilmu ada dan tak lokek, itu lah dia adik penderma watermark sayitwithcuppies....

tqvm, May success be with you always, Insyaallah..

Monday, July 26

Lard content in Ghee

Got this article from : thank you.

wallahualam, m just sharing this important piece of information for food suppliers, bakers and whoever concerned. When we do advertise "Halal", it is our responsibilty to ensure all products/ ingredients used are as such. We may need to go to great length to check the contents as some of the ingredients are re-pack.

2 April 2010
Attention: Ms. Tan Poh Hong
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority
5, Maxwell Road
Tower Block, MND Complex
Singapore 069110

Dear Madam

We wish to inform your goodself that for years, our consumer group as many other faithful consumers have been using “QQB” Ghee for various delicacies and religious functions without doubt, with full confidence that the said product is manufactured from the milk of dairy cows by its highly reputable manufacturer based in Queensland, Australia.

However, lately, we found that although the colour and aroma had now varied much, the taste seemed to be somewhat different. Therefore, we investigated this matter and concluded the following matters:

· Its manufacturer Butter Producers’ Co-operative Federation Ltd (BPCF) addressed as No. 489, Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton, Brisbane, Australia had ceased operations in September 2006 and was no longer listed in the website of Australian trade authority being http://www.austrade In fact the satellite picture as the website http://maps. shows that the following site is vacant land.

· Printed on the tin is that the said product is manufactured from milkfat of dairy cows of Australia and in even smaller and rather unclear script, it is mentioned that its manufacturer is Q.B.I. Packaging Sdn Bhd, No. 19, Lorong Keluli 1C, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Raja Selatan, 41050 Shah Alam, Selangor DE., Malaysia and that the said product is manufactured under license from QBB (Pte.) Ltd., Singapore.

· QBB Pte Ltd.., Singapore was originally the sole agent for “QBB” Ghee for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and it is not clear whether at the time when BPCF ceased operations in 2006, the “QBB” trademark rights were transferred from BPCF to QBB Ptd Ltd., Singapore. We suspect that Q.B.I. Packaging Sdn Bhd and QBB Ptd Ltd., Singapore are together carrying an act of piracy i.e. producing and selling a product whose legitimate manufacturing and sales rights were not transferred to them by its original manufacturer BPCF who was since wound up.

· The report of an analysis conducted by a reputable food technology laboratory in Australia on the contents of a 2-lb tin of this product, where the said tin was taken from Malaysia to Australia by one of our group members, mentions the following:-
“This product constitutes of decolorized and deodorized lard (pig fat) in semi-solid state with permitted additives giving the product color, flavor and aroma similar to that of pure ghee color, flavor and aroma.” (Original report is with the sender of this letter).

Therefore, our consumer group had to boycott the use of this product as:-

a) Our muslim members cannot use this product as it is haram by religion
b) Our Hindu and Sikh members cannot use this product for burning of ghee lamps, religious functions or for preparing sweetmeats as places of worship which forbid the use of any animal oil/animal fat.
c) Our vegetarian friends who only consume vegetarian diet cannot consume the said product.

We believe that the “QBB Ghee” sold in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei ever since BPCF closed down, is a product which is violating the related laws on the principle of “misrepresentation of label”. Therefore we hope that your goodself will take the appropriate action to stop the sale of this product.

Thanking you.
Letter signed by Mohd Kadir bin Mohd Karim (I/C No. 601223-10-6157)
Secretary of Kumpulan Konsumer Satu Malaysia (KKSM)

Note: Copy of this letter and analysis report sent to
YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abd. Khalid bin Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor DE.

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What a Cheesy Day...

Tiramisu... my all time favourite since university days, but had to stop when I found out the content may not be halal. No more worries now!

A little bit bitter (too much coffee), doesn't matter, half gone in...mmm two blinks!..?

Mlm Nisfu Syaaban

Just sharing with readers here...

Banyaknya bonus bila beribadat di bulan Syaaban ini. Buatlah apa yang kita boleh di bulan kegemaran Nabi SAW. Selain dari berpuasa di hari Nisfu, perbanyakkanlah berdoa dan bertaubat atas ketelanjuran kita samada yang tersembunyi, yang di ketahui, yang sudah2 dan yang akan datang..

Semoga memanafaatkan kita bersama..

Sunday, July 25

Canteen Day

Canteen Day at my daughters school. She requested for some muffins to be sold at school, proceeds will go to the school...

Choc Chip muffins.

Pandan and Strawberry filled muffins

Saturday, July 24

buddy to buddy

Kawan anak order untuk b'day kawannya... Notes dia orang yg request, macam2 anak2 sekarang...:D

Flowery, Ben10, UpinIpin

Not much time this week, I had to deliver a quick one... These are the results; some flowery swirls and some edible image.

Upin Ipin...

and Ben 10.

Wednesday, July 21

Portuguese style egg filling

As promised, eventhough a little bit late, below is the recipe from a friend, tested on my tart's shell:

225 gm sugar, (i used half of this, and yet i think i need to further reduce, well to your likings of course)
500 ml whipcream ( i used non-dairy)
200 ml UHT milk
6 egg yolks
4 whole eggs
1 tsp vanilla

Mix all well, slow cook until the mixture thicken a little bit. Pour in your tart shells.. Thats it. Oh yes, got to bake the whole tarts again till egg fillings turn brown.

Tuesday, July 20

Eggy Tarts lagi...

New customer ordered the bluberry cheese tarts. I did the egg filling for the balance of the tarts shells.. This time I use the portuguise style filling. Sedap juga, telurnya lembut dan gebu. Nanti saya share foto dan resipinya sekali... Bila kelapangan sekejap lagi

Sunday, July 18

Weekend Sales

Tried the cupcake with strawberry for this week's sales...
Too bad, the fungus quickly caught up on the strawberries before the customers, I had to retrieve quite a number of packs... :( Challenge.

Just a simple pink-purple flowery theme,

and some for the "Spongebob" fans...

Friday, July 16

Tarts order...

My 1st Tarts order... alhamdulillah, baru je belajar, dah ada orang nak order.

Yg ni chocolate cheese tarts.

Wednesday, July 14

Tart Varieties...

fruit tarts... memang nampak tempting kan?

Yang ni Blueberry Cheesa tarts.. Guna cheese berkualiti, & whole blueberry lecek2, bukan jem punye. Rasa lemak-manis-masam, x tau nak cerita, tp sedaplah!

Egg Tarts, memang selalu orang nampak kat kedai2 kek, kegemaran ramai, including my hubby and son. Blink, blink, habis...x tinggal pun kat orang lain.

Tuesday, July 13

Muffins, muffins, muffins...

Yummy chocolate chip muffins w almond...
The favourite among the kids and kids at heart!.. memang yummy, I personally prefer with just brown sugar. Less sweet and healthier.

Pandan muffins with almond. Taste even better with the almonds. Some people may not like almonds though. It's ok, can do without them, cheaper too...:)

Blueberry muffins. Yang ni memang berbiji-biji blueberry, bukan jem blueberry tau..

Sunday, July 11

Steam Buttercream

Finally, dapat peluang belajar buat stack kek...
Sgt puas hati.. alhamdulillah..

Dah bole buat roses..


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