friends, do hop in the wagon...

Saturday, May 29

More packs... what a back-breaking week!

Whoa! Took me longer than I expected to complete the set for this week's delivery. All the backpain disappeared when I heard all 36 packs were sold by the next morning! Alhamdulillah...

The week after...

Saturday, May 22

The 1st week...

I prepared 16 packs of those mini cuppies. These are my 1st showcase, and with all His Greatness and Mighty, all was sold on the 1st day!

Tuesday, May 18

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend

Mmmm... she was supposed to get some cuppies from her sister. Too bad, they can't be delivered. So I try my best to fulfill her wish-healthy cuppies. I throw in plenty of carrots, hazel nuts, less sugar, and canola oil..

So glad that she and whole family loved them, gone by the 2nd blink! :D

Monday, May 17

The New Chapter

An old time friend gave me a call, chatted for more than 1/2 an hour. What most importantly is that, she is offering me to display my products on her little but cute and profitable business in Tesco! Wow.. what an opportunity laid out infront of me. Thank you Allah. Let's give it a shot.

Friday, May 14

The Gift for Neighbour's Wedding

Yes! what other perfect things to give to a neighbour's wedding, other than your homemade cupcake... Here're the cuppies for a lovely bride.

Wednesday, May 12

The Ones for the patient...

My daughter came home from school, asking if she can visit her friend who had been admitted in the hospital for weeks, due to heart disease. What a pity for such a young girl. We decided to cheer her up with some cuppies, at least for her to see, not to indulge I suppose, in her condition.

Monday, May 10

More for love ones

For my Son who just enrolled in a nearby tahfiz school...

Then, not forgetting for my MIL,

Sunday, May 9

The Neighbour Tasting

With the aroma flying around my house, there were question marks on the neibouring faces. So I guess I am obligated to answer those curiosities... After all, your neighbours who are tempted with your cooking are entitled to taste whatever coming out from your kitchen... Yes, I think they were tempted! So these are sincerely for you...

Saturday, May 8

The Trial Stage

Very excited after the class, I dashed to the nearest bakery supplies. Got all the tools and equipment required. My family was shocked to see the investment I made.. Mmmm.. how long is it gonna last? Are you going to open a bakery? Cycnical smile :P Alrite, you just wait and see..

Then my first batch out of the oven.. walla...In a blink, half was gone!

Pls excuse the imprinted date on the fotos,(too excited, that I didn't set the right date)

Saturday, May 1

The Beginning...

Finally, I get to setup my own blog, thanks to my teenage daughter. Special thanks to Suzanna Raman, who is my 1st formal teacher in baking world.
Being new in the blogging arena please bear with me. I am still developing and learning the 'how to's here.

You are all welcome to go through my little collections and drop any "kind" comments.
Together we will grow, and I hope you will benefit from this blog.


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